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This service stems from the experience of those of us who have moved to different, distant and unknown places. To confirm the traditional Italian hospitality, we have tried to imagine how to make ourselves useful.

Advice and services for Diplomatic Missions

People who arrive in Rome or in Italy can turn to us to quickly find a place to rent, a nanny who speaks the language of their children, an electrician, a doctor, and an Italian language course or cooking class, even at their homes. We can also organize an event or a guided tour in the visitor’s language for their family or their guests and much more.

Protocol for private events and ceremonies

If form also means substance, etiquette can in no way be overlooked. Roma Congressi can help you to avoid making mistakes in the way you set the table, greet an important guest, apply the correct order of precedence, choose the right gift or decoration, or design your business card.

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