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The foreign language sector has always been the mainstay of Roma Congressi.

It is no coincidence that Roma Congressi is led by a professional interpreter vaunting many decades of experience working in the public and private sectors, with the capacity to employ interpreters and translators specialized in a wide variety of fields.

Communicate in all languages

We stand by you to organize consecutive, simultaneous, whispered (chuchotage), dialogic and negotiation interpretation services. One of our strengths is to assure precisely the right language combinations, ensuring effective communication in European, extra-European and rare languages, as well as in LIS (Italian Sign Language) and ASL ( American Sign Language). Thanks to our many years of experience gained in this field and especially to the longstanding relations with institutions and the media sector, we can quickly and efficiently single out the most highly qualified professionals best suited for your every request within budget and on time.

For in-person events, we can provide audio-video services and simultaneous translation systems along with technical assistance.

We also provide technical and literary translations, sworn translations, editing, transcripts, subtitling, voice-over services and manuscript draft corrections.


In our continuous search for innovative, sustainable and economically attractive solutions, we have created a multi-platform hub at our offices that eliminates physical and language barriers, and allows you to organize web and live events. Speakers can host webinars and meetings, participants can attend conferences, seminars and e-learning workshops from wherever they are with the professional support of distance interpreting. We augment our expertise in the sector with the best performing technologies along with cutting-edge apps – and always with the assistance of a team of experienced engineers.

Training Courses

Roma Congressi has been active for years in the language and interpersonal and intercultural communication field providing courses to companies, institutions and individuals – in both Italian and English. The scheduling and themes of each course can be customized, and these courses include, for instance, corporate English, Italian for foreigners, intercultural & interpersonal communication, diction and public speaking, accountability and leadership, listening and negotiating techniques, and many more.

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